Corset themed invitations

Corset themed invitations, Looking for a laced invitation? This reminds your guest of a corset ou even your wedding dress. 


Looking for a laced invitation? This can remind your guest of a corset ou even your wedding dress.  Invited to propose various invitations on this theme; All these invitations can be personnalised with different colour ribbon or exterior paper.  This invitation does not have to be undone by your guests. The inside invitation can lifted so the text is revealed. More than one card can be inseted in the corset : the invitation itself, the dinner invitation, the RSVP card or even the map for the reception. We have also designed the complete collection of each corset invitation, from invitation through to table plan and thank you cards. As with all our stationery, the ribbon colour or printed image can be altered to your needs.

lace and corset wedding invitations
baroque style corset and lace wedding invitations
the corset in a music style
arabesque corset and lace invite


An unexpected surprise the other day, turn on the TV to see our corset orchid wedding invitation on 4 mariage pour 1 lune de miel. Although we are not big fans of the show, it was still nice to see our work on afternoon TV.

corset wedding invite on tf1
4 mariage et 1 lune de miel


We offen get asked if we can mix two diiferent invitations. This was one such request. Our corset music invitation and our concert ticket wedding invitation. Although a bit of a dilemma in the beginning the two design mixed perfectly together to give a elegant finish which fit their theme perfectly. We altered the opening and the size of the corset to allow the concert ticket to slide in from the side. With the interior the ticket images we changed as well as the fonts to give the invitation a subtile elegance.

mariage music
corset wedding invitation
corset wedding stationery