Wedding menus

Select your wedding menu from a large range of either table menus or individual menus. Each menus is also assorted with matching place cards, favour boxes and also table plans


One of the most difficult tasks of preparing a wedding is choosing your menu, what to eat and what to serve your guests. A few things to keep in mind might be, the eating habits and allergies of your guests (vegetarian, vegan, nut allergies etc). If you will be having children at your wedding they will also need a separate menu.

Wedding table menu
Wedding menu


With each of our wedding collections we have created an idididual menu and a table menu. The choice is yours. There are advantages with each format. Wedding couples could choose an individual menu so each guest can leave with a souvenir, with this wedding format we can also print the name of each guest on the front...or they might choose a triangle table menu placing one, two or three menus per table. With these menus we can print the table name on one of the three sides.

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