Wedding invitations 

Although for many the wedding invitation is just a piece of paper to give to family and friends to invite them to your wedding day. At Invited to we beg to differ. To us it sets the tone, it gives your guests a small peek, a little idea of what to expect. Classic, champetre, vintage, baroque. Take pleasue in teasing your guests with an invitation from Invited to.

Wedding stationery Themes in vogue

Out of the hundreds of wedding invitation in our collection we have selected a few in vogue themes to get you started on you search for the perfect wedding invitation. Bear in mind that we can also alter and adapt each model to your needs, colours, format, just let us know.

Dentelle wedding invitations

Since 2016 lace wedding invitations have become very popular. We have created several different styles from champetre to classic each using the latest laser cutting technology to give you the perfect wedding stationery set.

Vintage wedding invitations

See our new range of vinatage or american style wedding stationery, Our invitations are printed on a traditional texture paper in either white, cream or on craft card. A vintage style with a mix of fonts.

Champetre wedding invitations

The champetre, or country wedding theme - soft papers, pastels with browns, yellows and greens, soft kraft card are all element we mix together to make our champetre wedding invitations.

Boheme wedding invitations

Looking for a warm poetic feeling to celebrate you wedding day then a boheme styled wedding and invitation set could be what you are looking for. We have created a few examples of bohemed themed wedding invitations below each fitting this theme in its own way. Whether that be with the selection of paper or with the colours and illustration chosen to decorate each collection.

Kraft wedding invitations

We use a lot of kraft card in our invitation design. It's natural warm qualities and the fact that it mixes well with our other texted cards make it an obvious choice for wedding stationery.

Photobooth wedding invitations

Sometimes it's differcult to find and interesting way to add photos to your invitation. Our collection of photomaton wedding invitations solve this problem. In black and white of colour...that is up to you.

Original wedding invitations

Although all our invitations are original and created in our wedding invitation shop in Bordeaux. There are some that stand out from the rest. See just how far you can go within your wedding theme.

Chic wedding invitations

Many of our styles and wedding themes could be considered chic. It just takes a touch of something special to making a wedding invitation chic. It could be something like a lace exterior or something more subtile like a textured card or a script font.

If you have not found what you are looking for within these wedding invitation themes you can find all our wedding themes and invitations (Cinema, Voyage, Orchid etc) by clicking on the link below

Bestseller wedding invitations


Discover our range of unique wedding invitations and stationery. Our range of stationery has been created by our team of invitation designers which means that every item can be modified and alter to your specific needs. A change of colour, the additions of a photo or ribon. Not only do we create originally designed wedding invitation but also an assortment of product to go with each invitation, from assorted envelopes, table plans through to thank you cards. To view the quality of our product it is possible to buy sample wedding invitations for only 3.00 euros

wild field flowers wedding invitation
boheme wedding stationery
champetre wedding stationery


This is probably the first time you will have to write text for a wedding invitation, and more than likely the only time. Although it is completely up to you what you write and how you write, there are a few things that must be mentioned in an invitation.

The first is the names of the bride and groom this may seem obvious but we often receive text with one or both the names missing. We will never print an invitation without the names of the bride and groom, however if these are in the initial text this will speed up the proofing and printing process.

Your wedding date is the second most important piece of information in your wedding invite. If your date is not on a Saturday it also pays to mention the day of the week. There are more and more weddings being held on a Friday of even a Thursday. This just makes it a little clearer for your guests.

We will be adding to this article over the next couple of weeks so check back from time to time.


Sometimes it's not just a matter of choosing a card and writing your invitation. Both the invitation and the text need to match, both in style and format. When it comes to style a classic wedding invitation needs a formal text. With a boheme or champetre invitation the text can be a little more relaxed, you can let your creativity flow a little more, go a little crazy. When it comes to format it is difficult to fit a long text on a smail wedding invitation. If you have a very small invitation text it can be difficult to balance on a large invitation. With all our models we can always move a few images or even delete images to gain a little space however it is always better to start with a text or invitation at the correct format.

chic rose wedding invitation
elegant rose wedding invitation
eucalyptus kraft invitations


We at Invited to realise that no two bride and groom are alike. Everyones idea of the perfect wedding stationery is different. Our goal is to give you the invitation set that fits you perfectly. To do this we have decided to make alterations to our range for FREE. A change of colour, paper or ribon or the addition of a photo. When ordering your stationery it is possible to note the alteration require.


10 years ago the answer to this question was 6 weeks before the wedding date, however, this depends on many factors. The size of your wedding, the time of year, whether you have international quests, the traiter etc. The larger the wedding the more time you will need to organise the day and also your guests. If your wedding is in a small village with limited accommodation make sure you leave your guest enough time to book a hotel or make other arrangements. The majority of weddings are held during the summer. This is also the peak holiday period so you may want to get your invitaitions out before uncle John plans that big overseas trip. Your traiter or the restaurant in charge of organising your wedding reception will also need to know the number of people attending in advance so make sure you talk to them about dates. Although there are no fixed rules, in general we would suggest sending out your wedding stationery between 4 and 6 months before your wedding date.

blue lace wedding invitation


Inspiration is everywhere. New to our collection 2018 are 3 vintage syle laser cut invitations. A mix of vintage and modern font sets have been choosen with the inner cards printed on kraft.


Our prices include all printing and production costs, All our invitations ans wedding stationery are delivered finished and ready to send.


Whether you have a wedding theme or not, the first impression your wedding guests will have of your wedding day is from your wedding invitation. Invited to can help kick things off to the right start, and get your family and friends in the right mood for your big day. Cinema, orchid, beach, black and white, classic, antique, you name it, we have wedding stationery to match your wedding theme.


All our range of wedding invitations include also assorted envelopes, dinner cards, RSVP cards through to tables plans and thank you cards, and everything in between. If you can't find what you are looking for contact us, because we can always create something for you.

voyage travel invitations


At Invited to we have a team of invitation designers that create your stationery proofs and layouts. We have chosen not to allow our clients the possibility to set-up their proof on-line. The reason for this is that it gives you, our client a more professional wedding invitation.


If you have a specific idea, wedding theme, or you just can't find that perfect set of wedding stationery. Invited to can create a one of set of invitations, just for you. We create 2 or 3 designs based on your brief. Contact us by email or telephone for more details or to discuss your ideas.

watercolour flowers wedding collection
watercolour flowers wedding invitations


If you are having trouble finding the perfect invitation to represent your special day. Here at Invited to we propose two options. The first, we can alter and adapt each invitation in our collection to your specific needs, we can add a photo, change a colour, add images or logos from another invitation from our collection. We propose this service free of charge. All you have to do is to note the alterations you would like when you are entering your text. The second option is to ask our design team to create your wedding stationery from scratch. We have a small fee of 55 euros for this service. This includes 3 desgin proposition based on you ideas. We will then developpe one of these ideas through to the final invitation. Finally we will produce a sample of your invitation. This design fee also includes the developement of everything you may require for your wedding day, ie Menus, seating plan, wedding book right through to thank you cards.


This is a good question and can go either way. The official and formal answer is "no"...however unless you are having a very classic formal wedding we would suggest that it's OK, and we would even say that it is the perfect place to add this information. Information about your wedding list can be printed either on the back page or at the bottom of the main invitation, just above you contact details and the RSVP. We woulds suggest printing in a smaller font, or a lighter colour as  these detail need to be seen but are not priority.


Whether it's for security reasons, for example there's a large un fenced pond at the venue, or whether you just want a more intimate wedding day finding the right words to announce this to your family and friends can be quite delicate. A few suggestios for this might be : Although we love your children, we regretfully cannot accommodate them at our wedding venue due to restricted numbers, or. “Respectfully, an adult only occasion (18+). A more intimate way of announcing this might be to add a personlised hand writen note to the invitation.


When it comes to sending your wedding invitation the lighter the better. To send out your invitation and use only one postage stamp the enveloppe must weigh less than 20 g. This is next to impossible unless we print on a very light paper, which we do not recommend, or we use a simple format. We have a very small number of wedding invitation the come in under the 20 g weight limit. Typically these invitations are a rectangle or square format printed on both sides, a relativelly simple format however we do not compromise the paper quality. Ideally we would suggest that you keep in mind the fact that you may need to add two stamps to the enveloppe. The other option might be to deliver some of your wedding invitations by hand. For instance make use of the christmas / new years holiday to deliver by hand your invite to family members during the period.


Although for the majority of couples cocktail and vin d'honneur are the same thing, there is actually a differnce. The traditional Vin d'honneur is held directly after the ceremony, usualy somewhere close to the ceremony venue.