Black and white invitations

If you have chosen a black and white theme for your wedding, discover our many collections based on this theme. Each stationery pack has be designed from Invitation through to menu, table plan and thank you cards.


The advantage with this style is it can be easily mix with our other wedding invitations and themes. For instance why not boheme black and white. In doing so adding a touch of elegance to boheme. Even though we have a selection of black and white wedding invitations take a look at our other invitations aswell, we can always alter the colours. With all our wedding invitations we have create the complete collection. Your contemporary black and white wedding invitation can follow you to your wedding reception in the form of menus, place cards or even a table plan.

black and white wedding invitations
black and white corset invitation


If you are looking for elegance, look no furthur. A black and white wedding is the theme for you. Deep in contrast with the monochomes is what makes this bold and elegant. Inspiration is everywhere. Alternat plates and table settings. When it comes to wedding invitations why not white paper with black print, or inversely black paper with white print Black ribbon to close an elegant white textured card. The traditional white wedding dress with the grome in a black and white dinner suit. Again the inverse is also possible and even more stricking, the bride in black and the groom in white.

wedding stationery in black and white


As far as finding items to decorate your wedding go no theme could be simpler than "black and white". However if you are having difficulty we have listed a few here : Black and white striped table clothes. A black vase with white roses. Black chaies contrasting with starch white table clothes. A black and white table plan surrounded by white blossoms and roses. Black napkins on white plates. Black and white ballons can flot above your guests heads. A black and white wedding bouquet, white roses tied together with a black ribbon.

art nouveau wedding stationery set