Orchid themed invitations


When thinking wedding invitations and the overall look of a wedding a lot of us think "flowers" and out of all the flowers the Orchid is the one that represents most "unconditional love". The colour of the orchid plays and important role in it's meaning, for intance the white orchid represents pur love. Other colours can mean the seduction, the sensuality, or the supreme beauty.

purple orchid wedding invitation
orchid themed wedding

The white orchid : Expresses pure love. The yellow orchid : is the warth of love and of course the erotisme. The pink orchid : Is the attempt to seduce with it's senuality. The red orchid : Expresses the intense desire to make love. We use the white and the pink orchid a lot of our wedding stationery to express these points. A white orchid printed on a beautiful "pure" textured card, or the pink orchid that jumps of a shinny irise paper. Everything is possible