Champetre wedding invitations

The champetre, or country wedding theme - soft papers, pastels with browns, yellows and greens, soft kraft card are all element we mix together to make our champetre wedding invitations.


The champetre, or country wedding theme has been popular for a few year now and is still going strong. What could be more inviting than a relaxed wedding in a field in complete harmony with nature. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decoration. Head to a secondhand store or a market and let your mind wander, ideas and inspiration are everywhere. Natural colours and objects mixed with the pastel colourings of field flowers.

champetre wedding


Soft papers, pastels with browns, yellows and greens. rustic cordes attaching cartes together. As with any of our collections we try to mix together different elements to create a global feeling. A great example of this is our flower wrap invitation (right). A textured lines kraft card is used as a support giving the wedding ivitation a soft warm feeling. The printed portion of the invite is printed with field flowers and leaves. We have sellected to print the text in black to contrast with these pastel printed images. As with all our champetre or boheme collections we mix the fonts using up to three communicate your message.

champetre chic wedding invitation


As with any wedding we start with the venue and work down from there. When choosing your venue for a champetre theme wedding think "nature". great example could be a vineyard, a farm or even a relative with a large garden space. Somewhere with large trees to hand lanterns, ferry lights and flags.

After the venue has been found the fun can begin. It's time to think decoration, decoration,decoration...

Here is a quick brainstorming list of what a champetre wedding is to us (in no particular order) and what you can add in the way of decoration : Kraft, fairy lights, flags, hay bales, animals, wood, feild flowers, olive leaves, eucalyptus, wheat,  hay bales, lavender, wooden pallets, logs, wine barrels, dentelle...

champetre wedding invitation