Boheme wedding invitations

Looking for a warm poetic feeling to celebrate you wedding day then a boheme styled wedding and invitation set could be what you are looking for. We have created a few examples of bohemed themed wedding invitations below each fitting this theme in its own way. Whether that be with the selection of paper or with the colours and illustration chosen to decorate each collection.


The Boheme style dates back to the 18th century and the social and economical hardships of the french revolution. The artists of the time were hit particually hard, and started to wear old second hand clothing. When the economic climate stabalised these artists started to experiment artistically with what they were wearing. The resaults were often eccentric and whimsical resembilng, for some the gypsys of the time.

Evolving over time the boheme style has remained a sort of "contre culture" and more often than not a "lifestyle" this can not be illustrated better than with the hippy culture of the 1960s and their use of ethnic clothing styles, embroidery and excentric colour choices

boheme wedding stationery


A boheme themed wedding is a beautiful return to nature giving a warm poetic feeling to this important day. Even if you reception is not 100% boheme small elements of decoration can be added to give the cérémony a more natural feeling while remaining faithful to a more traditional decoration, boheme chic if you will.

boheme wedding invitations


When we create a set of invited to wedding stationery we mix in three ingredients. Images, fonts and of course paper. When it comes to creating a bohemed themed set of invitations if all three of these elements are used they will all reflect this style. The invitation to the right illustrates this : We have chosen a floral illustration and use light pastel and natural colours. The fonts used are wimsical and several different styles were chosen, Lastly the paper, which for us is the most important ingredient. The paper adds the tactal aspect to the invite. when designing boheme themed stationery we use a lot of kraft card. This is used not only for its natural colour but also for it warm touch. The kraft card is soft to touch and mixes well with our white and creme textured cards.

boheme themed wedding invitations