Kraft wedding invitations

We use a lot of kraft card in our invitation design. It's natural warm qualities and the fact that it mixes well with our other texted cards make it an obvious choice for wedding stationery.


Here at Invited to we use a lot of kraft card. It has a natural "warm to the touch" aspect to it. The card has excelent print qualities and mixes well with our other lighter cards. With most of our kraft wedding invitations we try to add either another lighter card or a white or cream envelope. As we like to say here " too much kraft kills the kraft". When deigning a champetre chic or boheme styled wedding invitation we will quite often and kraft either as the main printed section of the invitation or as a backing support card.

kraft wedding invitations


As soon kraft card is introduced to a wedding stationery set its natural qualities automatically creates a sentiment of warmth and harmony making it the perfect match for a champetre or boheme themed wedding. It is also an ecologically sound choice, the way it is produced uses less energy and polutants than standard white paper this also makes it naturaly biodegradable and easy to recycle or even compost, thus making it an eco-responsible alternative to your traditional white texture card. Our kraft card also mixes well with natural ficelle which can be used to close initations or just as a bit of decoration. We often add a small label to the ficelle as well, either in a round or rectangle format.

wedding invitations printed on kraft paper
champetre kraft wedding stationery


To give more of a natural feel to you wedding stationery why not mix in some kraft. Changing the paper can quickly alter the ambience and the mood of a wedding invitation. The example below is part of our autumn range and is original produced with a red exterior. Change the paper not only changes the visual but also the feel of the invitation as certain papers feel warmer than others.

autumn kraft wedding invitation
autumn wedding staionery with kraft paper