Photobooth wedding invitations

Sometimes it's differcult to find and interesting way to add photos to your invitation. Our collection of photomaton wedding invitations solve this problem. In black and white of colour...that is up to you.


With several wedding invitations including a photomaton within our collection, there are plenty to choose from. Various themes, colours and styles. We print the photomaton on either a glossy photo style card or a 200g calque paper. Many couple choose to alter the invitation colours as well, which is possible with all our invites. Just let us know your wedding colours and theme.

Photobooth invitations


Although we have a large collection of wedding invitation which include a set of photomaton type images it is also possible to add these type of image to any invitation. It is the ideal format if you wish to communicate a visual message to your guests. We can either print these photos directly on the invitation or print a separate sheet which can be inserted inside. Your photomaton can be printed in colour or black and white, on textured, gloss or calque paper, and can be created in a photo strip or a square format.


There are several ways to prepare your images. Your images can be taken in a photoboth or you can take them yourseives using a camea or even your phone and leave the montage to us. The images you choose can tell the story of your relationship together, they can be a collection of family photos or you can get really get created and announce your future wedding in amusing and visual way using fake oversize glasses, scarfs, feather and outher objects.

wedding invitations with photo