Where it all began for Invited to

Invited to officially open it's doors in france in 2006, however that wasn't exactly the begining. To look at how it all started we have to go back to 1999. In London in 1999 we created our first wedding invitation, ours. This was created in word, with the help of some scissors, a photocopier and some quality paper. Céline and I then moved to New Zealand and thought nothing more of our introduction to the wedding industry.

From New Zealand to France

After 6 years living in Wellington we began to think of a possible move back to Europe. As Céline is french the obvious choice was France. The question was what was I going to do in France. No one was going to hire a kiwi with limited french. That's when the idea of wedding stationery and birth announcements came back on the table. We started out in Wissous, the southern suburbs of Paris in my father in-laws attic. Time was split between looking after our children and the odd order of wedding invitations. At this time we were still using and external printer and picking up paper and prints from Paris using the RER.

From Paris to Bordeaux

In 2008 we headed south. We were still working from home, and Invited to was growing, we now had a couple of large printers and finishing material, not to mention stock. The company was slowly taking over the house. 2011 was the big year. We decided to rent a boutique in the centre of Bordeaux, and also participate in a few wedding salons in the region.

Who are invited to